Steel grade: SS400, SS490, Q235B, Q345B, SM490
Standard:   JIS, EN
Origin:  China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan
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Sheet pile is a type in structural steel.

Currently, sheet piles are manufactured in two different ways: hot rolling method and cold pressing method.

In the hot rolling method, an initial molten steel block (in the form of a cube) will be moved through a series of mills to gradually become sheets pile.

In the cold pressing method, a coil of steel sheet will be pulled through a line consisting of multiple rollers arranged in succession, each roll includes rollers that can change position, bite the steel plate from the original flat shape into a folded piece like sheet piles.


Steel piles are used in construction to make the diaphragm walls when construction abutment piers, water works  as port, embankment, piers, jetty, flow improvement works, bridge construction, tunnel, To the civil works such as underground parking, basement high-rise buildings, industrial.
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