Phuong Anh Group specializes in providing machining services for metals and alloys as: Stainless steel, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, coated steel, silicon steel, etc...  from 0.3 mm – 3.0 mm.

In addition, we also have split (lower load) and PE, PVC coating services.
Material Stainless steel, carbon steel, coated steel, structural steel, electrical steel and alu
Specification Coil
Thickness 0.3 - 3.0 mm
Width  14 - 1530 mm
Product width Coil
Coil weight 20.000 kg
Coil O.D 1200 mm
Coil I.D 508 mm

With an initial investment of nearly $ 10 million, Phuong Anh Group has invested in 4 metal cutting lines, Among them, there are two production lines for metal cutting, these are sheet and plate cutters.

13mm thickness cutting line imported from Korea, sized 50,000 mm in length, weight 122,000 kg. The machine can cut stainless steel and other steel with a cutting speed of 80M / Min Max according to customer requirements, ensure the right size and perfect service.

5 feet cutting line have sawing speed is 100- 200M/Min Max, Cutting ability is 3.0- mm T/10 strips, weight 59,400 kg. The machine can cut stainless steel and other steel.
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